WARNING: Don't Post if you have nothing to say

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To all loyal and new members,
Thanks for supporting Zerotohundred.com and welcome aboard.
We wish you enjoy your surf here

Recently we have found much UN-NEEDED lame postings.
Don't be annoyed. Zerotohundred.com is not being unfriendly but is trying to make the forums more useful to the public who needs their questions answered and etc.

as noticed, some topics are unnecessarily laughed at, critisized at, commented at, diverted from and so on.

To be a useful and resourceful forum, all posts and topics need to be realistic and useful.

I hope everyone understands what i'm trying to stress here..

To critics and lamers
Yes, It is a free world,
Yes, Zerotohundred.com is a free forum
You don't own Zerotohundred, I do,
Zerotohundred.com doesn't owe you anything, you don't pay to it
So please make Zerotohundred.com a better place. for everyone

As mentioned,
please do not post if you:
-have nothing useful to add to the topic
-don't know what you're saying
-just want to post smileys
-are childish
-don't know what's the answer
-trying to be funny
-are not interested in what the topic is trying to sell
-are asking silly questions
-are diverting from the topic
-are trying to be funny posting the whole thing in another language other than English
-are trying to be unfriendly

the list goes on and on.

basically what this Warning actually mean is:
Please don't be LAME.

lame posts will be deleted and lamers will be banned.

Not open for further replies.

Random Post Every 5 Minutes

What a shock to me today when i read the STAR frontline today. Kesiannya the car. What an irony. I was actually driving from seremban to kl yesterday when suddently this white Lambo overtook me cutting here and there like mad, nearly bumping to a car in front of me. Gosh I was just thinking how la a person can drive like that without accident.

Anyone witness??
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