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Dec 2, 2009
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step by steps to raise your car value - preparing to sell your car guide
how to detail yr car to show room

Its Christmas eve, food , celebrations & holiday around....many turkey will be sacrifices as well
but also a sad time as to say good bye, one of my church friend is going back to Australia with her whole family, henceforth their 5 years old family ride need to be disposed ! Do u do steam cleaning for cushion and at the same time they wanted the ride to look pristine & show room condition!!!

Over all looking great for a 5 Years old car - original paint & parts

She called me weeks ago, telling me the dates they are leaving & the dead line to clear their stuff & the sells off their ride but there is seems to have some stains here & there.

"KC can u do steam cleaning!!!" some stain on the seats -probably by our boys

All she ask was for seats steaming but ended up ....another treacherous adventure

This wonderful couple's has help me & my family alot through - our 4 years of friendships, they will be leaving in 6 days time

I did it free for them as a token of our family & friendship!!

My week - Chronology
SUN - detail a coupe 330i
TUES (public holiday) another full correction In & Ext (E46 coupe) 11 hours

wed & thurs travelling to South for a tournament, hardly could even lift my arm for a game of golf
Fri back to office

Sat did the 911 porsche - carrera another 11 hours
SUN - when i am about to call it a quit but I remember my promised –If i would have - I wouldn’t have written this thread, I was a bit groggy after church & took a ½ nap & Left only 3 ½ hours to complete this "cushion Steaming" ended up a semi or full correction details –

How I wish: If only I have 25 hours to complete this detail, to be fully obsessed & possess in detailing but I am only good in doing few hours detailing job & a few minutes weekly maintenance. So let me take the pleasure in sharing with you:-

I fought not against the situation or paint issue but T.I.M.E

To a children love is spelled as T.i.M.E

this is a guide written for you to prepare – a simple detailing that will bring up the value of your 2nd hand value

more scratches

engine before

under the hood as any buyer would definately look at -

Inorder to help you to raise your car value I have written out this simple Step by step process- as usual documented this as yr guide …..

Although the exterior look good - but....but...but

this is what I did - to bring back the ride to its pristine condition:-

engine hood close up

close up stains & dust dirt on the front panel - aged the car


Oily stains - on the power steering fluid reservoir tank

dirt stains on PVC

master brake pump before

air filter cover

more dusty & dirty pics

if this is to expose to the buyer - he will take advantage & ask for more discount as it looks abit neglected

before pic
engine before

4 hours later

before the hood pic

ta da the hood now



discount &

now - no discount pics




Imagine just onr & leather protectant application

before - hydrolic tank



top up tank








hard stains - grease & dirt accumulated for years

2 option of choice to aggressive cleaners - Degreaser or Optimum power clean



What I did

Clean the car – strip all waxes by washing with power clean
Clay – ONR as lube (2 ounce + 500ml water)

Wheels & tyres – power clean & brushing

Emblem & rubbers & vinyl – cleaning by power clean & brushing off

Interior – vinyl, dash board , door side – Power clean 1:5 part water spray on bristle hair brushes & wipe off with damp clothes with ONR

Later protected with optimum leather protectant – uv protection - & it does not fill

Seat & Cushion –power clean & brush off

Steam off everything – seats, carpet, dashes, under dashes & more

Paint correction – Optimum hyper spray polish – rotary Makita – LC polishing pad (spread at speed 1 – step up to speed 2 – finish off speed 1 – by lifting off lightly)

Onr Wash with 3 micro fibers cloths (15 minutes)

Paint, glass, exterior protected by - Optimum Opti seal (15 minutes) + Optimum Car Wash (5 Minutes)
exterior & wheels cleaning

Emblem cleaning – agitating with Power clean & soft brushes + gently please

oppss photography skill

more cleaning & stains remover

wheels cleaning

Brake rotor & calipers cleaning

wheels arch cleaning

wheel cleaning – hardly I will used Power clean, as this ride need to detail to pristine condition – to remove the dirt & stains on the rubbers

under the wheel arch

before –

agitate with power clean & brush off

testing time – how good is good?

ta da

-------moving into interior----------
ta da

KC can u do steam cleaning!

remember this stains - muddy stains on the seats -as their boys goes for football on weekend

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!

steams & steam & steam it away

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!

KC can u do steam cleaning!


hahah ahahah lotion stains


after detail

KC can u do steam cleaning? I did the whole car correction


Interior D pillar before

agitate & brush away with bristle


side steps & stains before

ta da -only with power clean & brushes


Moving on to Body preparation

Claying make prefect –

look at the amount of contamination picked up

pls removed any tars, little stones or pebbles alike – as it will definitely scratched the other paint when u use this part.. Hand pick one by one & slowly inspect after each 2’ x 2’ area before moving on to the next area


to this MPV roof…you need height & proper footing - invest in a good stools – as for me – I tied 2 empty milk crate together – DIY

Moving on t paint correction
Scratches before


Scratches on the side arch before

more scratches on the front bumper

scratches before

after ta da

before front ¼ panel stone chips & scratches on the clear coat paint

ta da

moving on to the roof area

a 50/50 % area comparison

tad a

tad a only possible with this

look at what I picked

finishing art

i only left 20 minutes before driving back the car to the owner

The only exterior protection - so effectibve & easy & most of all effortless

Opti seal (15 minutes ) spray on & wipe off & walk away
Opti Car Wax (5 minutes) spray on & wipe off & walk away

I wouldnt have done it in 20 minutes (A full MPV) without this Space age technology -

Its so easy – all you need is to spray on + spread out & walk away

Only need to do 3-4 times (that 8 ounce bottle last you for 40 cars)

A 50/50% comparison before & after opti seal

another amazing simple effortless & effective – wax

wipe off & walk away

tad a

remember this
engine before


Lotion stains???? Ehmm …

I need …brick ..bricks to build house….…it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to answer this

Definitely is a lady driver & lotion left on the seats- have u tried removing any ??? let me tell u – its difficult but possible

mud suds


tad a

soon soon pic

more tad a pics

reflection on the roof



a well prepared to a new buyer

for your eyes

now you have every reason to raise yr car price !!!! you know the steps to do it
wishing you a merry Christmas & happy holidays & wonderful & prosperous new year ahead

yes although i said good bye toi both the ride & owner

but the memories - stay forver

wishing my buddy & family a Bon Voyage! and a new start down under!!

happy holidays!

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In the first place, the main criteria would be acceptable noise level with performance gain. I'm also thinking of other brands that offers low noise with performance gains and apparently Fujitsubo or Tanabe is ok too.

Please give some feedback and suggestions. Thanks.
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