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but the thing is that this gold price seems to be going up no going down. hehe........
whereas in shares, if u got tips u just hantam in millions of RM then wait for it to shoot up. then u can buy GTR.
shares mana ada all the way up one, its like yo yo always up and down ma, the timing very important, wrong timing sure kantoi kena sell your sentra and ride bicycle to work muahahaha
like yoyo one. haha.
every investment also got risk one just like turbo. keep on boosting high high later turbo hanguss.............
after i think and think, i want to summarize that NA engine not so syok larr...........
hehe........... want to feel the power of turbo!!
but hor if puny engine with super big siham turbo, sure lag like siao if go Genting, thats the boost come only when u reach the top of Genting potong stim loh hehe.....
dont worry.
i use twin turbo sequential setup. below 3k rpm run on small turbo, once pass 3k rpm run on bigger turbo. hehe...........
if not enough power tekan "butang merah". then u can feel instant super power.
by the time reach genting my fuel tank sure dry up!

now got 1 petrol station cun cun on top of the genting there, behind first world hotel. dont know the petrol price is same as the standard petrol price or not.
Today drive pass Perodua Showroom!

U know what I saw ?

I saw a fullsized BMW 5 series mutated into a 4WD with a Perodua's Badge on its grill.........

keng chau!
No, its a mutated BMW 5 series!


Somehow, the Notti-car has the coolest headlamps of all SUV in the world, its ever better than the BMW's X3 or X5 headlamps!

but the puny engine with 4wd n sub-standard horse power is killing the fc of the car, cosmetic drooling for town drive okla.
it is nautica.
still the same body as kembara.
expensive lerr. rm80k++. better get a livina from tohsan.
already test drive ribena. it has the same engine as latio but ribena lack of low rpm power. after 3k rpm the power come............
for latio after 1k rpm the power terus come.
Ribena for ah pekla, not ngam all the young ciku here. North demand nothing less than RB 50 and Quad Turbo with 35 intercooler for everything including for kukujao hahahaha
my grand pap is 1st F1 racer in 1954.
my dad is not nascar racer but he is rally driver.
i am the junior nascar racer in PC game. hehe............

dont say me til i want to drive a bat-mobile larr. with jet engine behind the car. haha.............
RB50? ai ya Rb50 mana cukup? only 5,000cc saja. even ferrari also can tapau me anytime. i plan to build a car with RB50 block and SR60 head.
nowadays muscle car dont use intercooler, they use YORKS air cond to cool the hot air from the turbo. dude, update sikit larr...............
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