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Jan 4, 2004
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Hello all you Sentra Drivers, lovers, racers, wannabe Owners, Datuk's and Datin's, Race queen's, everyone!!
Come Come and join this thread!!!
Join this thread where we shall discuss, joke, and laugh about are crazy, happy, sad and interesting moments with our ~ SENTRA'S ~

So come on in and make some noise
share your knowledge and expertise about one of the greatest car's ever made!!

Nissan Sentra!!!
Malaysia Boleh!!

~~!!Sentra Boleh Club!!!~~:burnout:

This thread is created by Coolval(B13) and Northiswara(B14)
yo bro sorry here for didnt turn up for some time... haha it seem you all are really bored here...

wonder will GTS come in here too?

Talk about b14... Handling... i really need some one to provide me parts la... need to get front and rear antiroll bar oh...

I'm also looking for adjustable anyone can help?... i didnt know that the speed limit is above 180km/h cause i tried my car it cut me back to 180 always after i over shoot it... very boring la... since i know my car can still go... huh

anyone know about nology? is it a really good plug cable?

Why you guys stop talking about mod? how can like this... dont stop ma i really interested ah... from top to toe...

about the sr16 and sr20 what is the different and with and without neo VVL what is the different...

i still want the muffler do you still got it? where are you? why didnt continue stay here online.... must be planning big project huh...

sorry bro didnt get to continue from the day i started haha sorry trying very hard to upgrade my car lo looking for parts!!!!!!

Anyone with N15 radiator please contact me i'm interested 012-5167726

.... well now my project is to reduce my ride heat see if any different that it will make...

sr16 neo vvl means it has valve lift just like vtec n mivec... it can produce sweet pony power to ur ride trust me... stock sr16neo vvl vs stock b16a ... sr16neo sapu gao gao... trust me... seen one and been in one before.. but make clear points that there are a few versions i am refering to the blue top.. lupa the series.. can ask abang cmng bout details
sr20neo is a tiptronic gearbox series... produce high quality torque as well :) a fren of mine installed it into an AD resort... result.. he said can tapao h22a Euro R true or not i dunno haven seen it in action.
prices for the sr16neo will be slightly above 6k
sr20neo 5.5k... minus bodyparts

sentragts has a strut bar want to sell if not mistaken. u can ask him.

wat happen to my B14 owner club after we all come here??
let it extinct??
Welcome Welcome everyone..

Bro my sr20 club also will die off.. :)
Now we are all one club :)
Easier to chat too..

No problemo, we've been busy too..hahaha
drop by whenever you can :)
Also we will still be talking about mods..
Thats what a car forum is about to me :)
GTS should be coming once he see the post :D
Regarding B14 mods, I'll let North answer, he should know more..hehe
I'm looking at anti-roll bars too, was looking at a company called Ultra racing strut bars.
They provide stuff to strengthen the chassis..

welcome welcome into our small clubbie.. haha
Wow you seem to have been playing a lot with the Neo's
i was wondering, from what you described..
the sr20neo should be able to Beat a stock sr20DET right?
can this vvl stuff be fixed onto a sr20det?
I remember reading somewhere that the vvl has problem with the turbo..
I could be wrong...
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N15 radiator ?
it just a single core radiator
i have it as well

B14 Front ARB
Get N15 SR16VE . good enough already
I have it as well

B14 Rear ARB
there is no ARB for B14 and N15 itself
and no after market from japanese company
you need to look at US for ARB
i have it as well but not for sale
sorry yeh
Welcome Man :)

My car is the same model as the teksi Genting..
Long live the sentra's,
They are so strong and built with such good handling that they are the prefered genting teksi choice..Hehehe.. Especially the B13's..Wahaha..
sr20neo is NA while sr20det is turbo charged
both produce diff kind of torque and power so kenot be compared :)
turbos are harder to manage as u have to always take k of the oil temp and all sorts while NA u can just whack all d way...
nah i still standard engine ga16DS samore carburator... no money 2 mod engine.. i drive an AD resort hahah by the way coolval do u want b13 twin spot light bumper? rear gts bumper n brake lights?
hello to all sentra sifu out thr..need some help from you guys...i try to find a set of suspenssion for my this guy offer me set of suspenssion from pulsa body that wif SR20DET engine on it from japan...i think N14...but i not this pulsa suspenssion fix nicely into sentra...? or can it be fix into what car?....all sifu please advice...thx
RNN14 suspension
you only can use front on B14
rear cannot use

Pulsar N15 will fit.

RNN14 suspension will fit N13 and B13
but on B13 rear, you ARB mounting is different,
you need to cut and weld it to correct position
or run the car without rear ARB
or look for a longer link
Morning Y'all
Hahaha, so true, Bvalve,
The master cmng has spoken finally..hahah

Welcome Welcome cmng and bvalve and dorifmon:D

Wolfz, do u have any pictures of how they look like?
pm me please, or post here also can :)

nology plug cable? i think u need it cozs the stock cable perform very well. the performance plug cable wont give u much difference. and please never try to buy cap ayam plug cable as it will give u fXXking performance and ur car will jerk and run not smooth like a turtle. maybe u can just install denso iridium power plug that will be good enuff. if u want more kicking power go for high compression. there are 2 ways u can do it.
the right way is to buy high compression piston and it costly.
the incorrect way is to skim ur engine head. if the head is not skim properly end up the head need to be replaced so it is risky!

SR16VE an d SR20VE? of cozs the SR20VE is powerful larr difference 400cc lerr........... SR20VE of cozs no match to SR20DET. turbo kick in u see ur car fly like a rocket. SR20VE only have valve lift but the power is quite high already........... if u got SR20DET then u do some modification sure your car is super fast.......
melon, have u contact sentraGTS? he got a 2nd hand strut bar want sell.
if u want urgently contact him, u PM me your hp no, then i pass to him.
ARB = anti roll bar

btw, Sentra's relative joining in. The much slower "relative". Hehehe..
hi thanks i think i know cmng... haha .. hmm about the nology thingy ah some one actually have a story where it goes like this... try not to used too high density cable cause it will end up your engine not lasting if too high explosion it will cause a hole at your piston head eh... so how do or not do? confuse????????
heart breaking actually coz it is reasonable ma rite? what you guys think?

bro ah you dont keep your rear ARB la sell to me la... or if can help me to order can?.... about the N15 radiator i want with the double row one not the single row type... anyone?

also i'm looking for CV join any one can get one for me chassis N15... anyone got or the left side drive shaft also can this i need very urgent oh cause now got sound already sad when hantam corner sad sad...

anyone know the used of oil catch tank? someone said good someone give me this story... if you install oil catch tank it will trap your oil in the hot air entering the combustion chamber but you will loose the function of lubricating your piston head wor so how ah.... another heart breaking story cause i've already install one hai... anyone can answer to this?

now my car also having this problem jerking problem so sad not fuel pump not fuel filter not spark plug or cable... what else could it be? very boring.... about one month jerking lo...

help me too much of sad story, car problem and parts problem unable to get stuff... so sad... sad... how to go on like this... hai

btw that is just i who try to bla bla bla everything no hard feelings just looking for help here haha but the story is true no faking it le.... do take in consideration... any reply me cheer....

will be back... GO SENTRA!!!
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