SCoupe/Coupe/Tuscani Sound Proofing

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Sep 6, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
Hey guys~~~ mind sharing on sound proofing? I been searching around... dun seems to find one to go with...

For me RD1 major problem was from the back... its like driving a Hugh Truck/Lorry....

how about you guys?

Mind share your model... problem... and whr u did ur Sound Proofing & how much?

hmmm, maybe u should try and source the cause of the sound.. must be some panel or something that is loose..
@scoupe, it was mainly from the back... kinda like fan.... at the back lozzzzzzzzz... anyway join us for TT ler... last TT no Scoupe came... :(
hmmm... might need to hear it for real.. ya man i plan too i have been out of action for a long time d.. when is the next session?
haha.. maybe I too sensative... :p stay tune we r actually planning convoy to Melacca... after CNY... ard march or april 2011 :) since year end everybody bzy... hmm... let c how....

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