Satria Neo Fuel Efficiency Problem

At 40k km mileage, my 2007 satria neo was readlly in good condition. Suddenly, after 45K mileage, it turns out that the fuel is not efficient anymore. i have tried :
1. clean throtle body.
2. change new plug wire
3. change new air filter
4. change new n better spark plug(iridium denso)
5. fill up better black oil(minyak hitam) 15-40. [previously 20-50]
These action still doesnt show any improvement.

After i gone for computer check, i seen some unusual reading or i am not familiar with... it shows that the front voltage reading were up and down wile rear voltage reading is stable.

Can someone tell me what to do next??? im really fed up and planning change to axia already. :bawling:


3,000 RPM
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3,000 RPM
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Jul 29, 2009
To begin with, neo engine is never fuel efficient. Auto ?