SATRIA GTI (WGX 616) STOLEN Yesterday (silver) (all original) Keramat/Setiawanga

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Jan 7, 2006
Hi guys,

My friend's Satria GTi car got stolen at this area Keramat AU / Setiawangsa area. Silver all original exterior. Eventhough chances are slim, if found please PM me ASAP.

To all, do give extra care and precaution on your car especially if you have hot ones like this.

Thank you all.
I don't have the pics right now, hope the small picture below would help.

The car exterior is stock Satria GTi, but with twin round tail pipe instead of the square ones. And the front bumper is a little disproportional and there's a small gsr intercooler at driver side where the spotlight suppose to be.

Appreciate your concern.


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Sorry about your friends lost. Amazing and sad the same time that the most popular national car among thieves is still the Gti. Shows how worthless Proton's own creations are.

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