Review StiffRing installed on chasis Mitsubishi Lancer 6th Gen Front

Zat Fero

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Zat Fero

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Dec 23, 2010
Review Stiff Ring Redefine Chassis stability

Application: Mitsubishi Lancer 6th Gen Front ,Proton Wira (1.3/1.5/1.8), Satria (1.3/1.6/Satria GTI), Putra, Waja (1.6/1.8).

There are many brand out there such as RigidColar , Racetek and many more but i have made my mind to try on stiff ring brand. I believe they serve the same function only different brand .

What is Stiff Ring ?
Improve Handling, Reduce Noise, Eliminate Vibration
Stiff Ring made of special formula alloy aluminium. It used to correct the car body basic geometry by filling the gap between the sub frame bolts, sub frame and the car body bolt hole. Car engine, transmission, suspension and the body shelf are mounted on the sub frame. Thus, correcting the geometry setup with Stiff Ring, the car handling will be improved significantly. By eliminating this free gap, vibration to the car chassis & undercarriage will greatly reduce. This helps to protect & prolong the car undercarriage parts life span. Eg: Steering rack, lower arm and etc. [Source: Stiff Ring - Redefine Chassis Stability ] for more information.

For my rides, it required 8pcs of stiffring to be installed on my ride. Stiffring is kinda new to me and my workshop foreman. But luckily, thanks to stiffring support team guide us on saturday just to make sure we install the proper way.

Jack up the car ~

Insert the stiffring according to the manual between the subframe.

Another closer view on it

I thought the installation gonna be very hard but i think it is quite simple and direct.

The stiffring claims that it helps Improve Handling, Reduce Noise, Eliminate Vibration .
My ride is using coilover GAB (HA) series which is a bit keras but after installing this i can feel that it reduce and eliminate vibration on uneven road at sarawak here. I believe it helps improve my handling a bit on my last week weekend , touge a bit up-hills (grand old lady). =P I would never believe this tiny look alike washer would give me significant improve until i tried myself. Worth every penny ~~ i would install stiffring on my other car as well.

Cheers. :driver:
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