Retreat! -Review: R3 Satria




I just cant get enough of it. Yes, yes, you may know it as a light-weight versison of the Satria GTi, but this, this is definately more than what you know
it is, and will be. Everything about the R3 Satria is what the GTi will never be
out of the factory. the R3's got better handling, better braking, better power,
better performance bits, and of course, the base of what the R3 Satria is, a
whole lot more tighter and stiffer shell.


No nonsense. The essence of the R3 Satria. Well, not literally, it still
retains the basic necessities. Now, here's what the GTi has that the R3 will
never get out of the factory. The GTi has a lot more insulation and that's just
about it. But remember, the R3 is a serious pocket-rocket for both road and track. No,
with less insulation, and a sports exhaust, it's not much noisier inside compared
to the GTi.</p>


So how does the R3 achieve the better handling, better braking, better
power, and better performance?

Let's talk about the all-important stiffer R3

Basically, the body has been rigorously spot-welded, where the seams and
crucial flex points are, including the pillars. Then it's the strut bars in both
front and rear to compliment it further. You'll be surprised how well this works.
The car is now so nice and firm, not only you don't hear sounds, feel body flex,
less body roll, but there's no worries cruising at 180km/h out of the factory!,
High speed sweepers are a breeze. But where the R3 really performs will be on
the twist and turns up Gentings and Camerons.</p>


But all these will not be well executed without the better brakes. It's got
bigger discs and of course better pads. Then it won't be as nimble and swift
without the lightweight 16s and Yokohama Neova performance tyres as standard!.</p>

The R3 team spent massive amount of hours on suspension tuning,
perfecting the shock and spring rates. With no possible areas to go wrong like body rigidity and other anomalies,
It's going to be perfect. The R3 Satria is a sure-footed enthusiast' machine!. The power-steering has also been
hacked stiff to provide more steering feedback.</p>


Let's get to the engine, What's different?

Nothing really, with the same engine, it pumps out just a little more than
the GTi, through the ECU retune, performance exhaust system from the stainless
extractors, to the rear sports muffler. But since the R3 Satria isn't about
being really fast or breaking the speed barrier, this is sufficient for
performance-to-efficiency ratio. But it is of course, significantly quicker than
the GTi. The R3 Satria is a driver's car. The car to drive for enthusiastic
twisting up and downhills on Saturdays, and race tracks on Sundays and then be
king of the road from Monday to Friday.</p>



But what really keeps your own body planted into the well planted R3 Satria
is the furniture. The nice and firm pair of all-new and improved Recaro SR4
sports seats don't need much introduction, So doesn't the really meaty Momo Tuner
sports steering wheel and so doesn't the lightweight carbon fiber gear knob.
What makes the R3 Satria interior special is the colour scheme offered as well. Red and
black. It's even got the retro motorsport red safety belts which disappeared
since the late 80's!</p>


So what are the novelty yet purposeful performance bits included?

Carbon fiber bits! There is the carbon fiber rear roof spoiler, carbon fiber
engine plug cover, and the orgasmic carbon fiber gear knob. Machined aluminium
red anodized steering boss, cool R3 badges all-round, and the motorsport body


So, what do i really like about the R3 Satria?, hmm.

Firstly, the first thing that turned me on was the feel of the road. it's
firm and sure yet comfortable. I love cruising in it at over 160 and
complimenting its chassis for handling the task of high speed uneven concrete
highway driving. I love its brakes, and I really love it's GREAT handling!! </p>

I love everything about the R3 Satria, though I'd wish for a tad more power.
that's just about it.</p>


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Feb 21, 2004
:D review Tom....what tom said was right...i test drive the R3 and it feels more better than GTi when at 170 km/h cruising..the handling and stability was really did impress me for a PROTON!!..want to buy it, but still can't afford it.... :( ...worth buying for car enthusiast out there!! ;)


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Dec 18, 2004
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ha... if i rich i sure change it to rs jo... no need headached..... how to mod my slow satria... <_<


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Dec 2, 2003
The tagline for the Satria R3 should really be
"The M24 Satria R3 LEV. REAL Drivers Wanted."


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Apr 29, 2004
isit true no more rs left??sold out kaa??whats da price range ahh


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Nov 5, 2004
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nice.. black color scheme wif R3 liveries really make the car cool.. not to mention the performance.. probably the best proton so far, a good balance of performance and economy..

anyways 67 units are left and priced at RM 77 888 according to


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Apr 19, 2004
so will you be joining us (the R3 owners) for TT this thursday in TTDI market?

Btw, great review


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Jan 18, 2004
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Thanks for the great review, Tom. Couldn't be better.

BTW, they removed the front ARB for you to take pics of the spot welding?


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Nov 4, 2004
Wait and see when they all convoy ramai2 to sic... all blacks team!


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Helmet Clan
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Nov 28, 2004
Up Yours
"But remember, the R3 is a serious pocket-rocket for both road and track" < is satria,not so serious.... :P

Udeng...its called R3 coz its short for "Race Rally Research" ade brapa 'R'? tiga kan?? ma R3 lorr.... :lol: :lol: