Replacing Caldina GT4 Turbo Manifold


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Nov 11, 2008
Just to share some knowledge of replacing the Toyota Caldina GT4 turbo manifold.

The stock turbo on the Toyota Cladina GT4 is joined to the turbo manifold by sharing one cast iron housing. To replace the turbo manifold to an aftermarket one, one must separate the turbo from the original cast iron manifold. The simplest way is to send the car to a professional workshop. But not simply just any experienced workshop, the workshop or exhaust shop must have the right turbo manifold for replacement.

The SUPERCIRCUIT 3.0mm guage thickness stainless steel, CNC machined head flange. Extra turbo flange is included for ease of work.

Remove the intercooler. Then remove the stock turbo manifold, which is connected to the turbo housing, from the vehicle.

Separate the stock turbo out of the original turbo manifold, cutting of the cast iron piping between the stock turbo manifold and the turbo. Remember to leave about 1.0" of extra piping at the inlet side of the stock turbo, this extra length is required for the connection of the provided turbo flange to the turbo later.

After cutting of the stock turbo from the manifold, install the turbo back in position. Put on the SUPERCIRCUIT turbo manifold and measure the correct location to weld the provided turbo flange to the stock turbo. Cut of the extra piping to fit if that is too long.

Spot weld or mark the position of the turbo flange to the turbo. Take out the turbo with the measured positon, weld securely the turbo flange to the stock turbo.

Putting everything back in place. Now it is time to start and the engine and check for leaking or misfitting before driving off.....

More information can be found at SUPERCIRCUIT Exhaust Pro Shop

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