Rattling noises in the car cabin


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Sep 2, 2009
Kuala Lumpur
Got a lot of squeaky and rattling things in the car dashboards, seats and panels etc all seem to be looses and rattling making it very annoying. Anybody know any shops which specialise in solving these problems?

Thanks guys.


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Jul 1, 2010
For doors and bonnet, go to your friendly body & paint shop, get the mudguard fella there to pump the windscreen sealant to the problem loosen welding joints..works 100%.

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hi all

My car is Mazda Lantis 1.8 - 1997...
İ have some engine knocking when the car in idle. When i drive fast, there is no any knocking.
i guess it comes from distributor. But when i turn Benzin Fuel, i dont feel the knock. but not work like a diesel engine, just some knock.

engine make knock when i turn LPG i get some knock. i think cooling device in the distributor cant cool the distributor. but today i feel the same knocking when the engine cool.

i just changed ignition...
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