price list for waja owner at carnauba autospa


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Aug 4, 2005
klang valley
hello some info 'bout detailing service price for WAJA at carnauba autospa to share wif u guyz....check below :

Dear Arief,

Your vehicle Proton Waja falls under the compact category. There are two types of 1 off care detailing service you can choose from.

Autospa Premium (1 off care detailing service) - RM 325.00 (mixture of products-imec, meguairs & zymol)
Autospa Prestige (1 off care detailing service) - RM 550.00 (all zymol products)
Job involves - wash, vacuum, 3 step polishing & waxing, engine clean, interior detailing, tyre and rims.

Price for only wash, vacuum and 3 set polish & wax
Autospa Premium - RM 195.00 (mixture of products)
Autospa Prestige - RM 223.00 (all zymol products)

Please take note if the car is in extreme condition there will be a surcharge imposed. This can only be informed when we do the survey on your vehicle.

hope this info will help those who are interested in detailing service...:regular_smile: