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i knw...its "its the one and only"...wondering how was the reaction of the 4 big car manufacturer Toyota, BMW, Opel and Ferrari designer and engineer when they saw this car???:rofl: could be a toyota KE30 coupe...:hmmmm:

maybe they will argue on what engine should be plonk into this red moving forward UDM lighting fast prancing horse..
i think i know why de he make his car so high up de....

maybe he scared langar kucing..... thats why he make so high.. at least the kucing will go only under the car without hiting it...

he maybe WWF member...
Demand for lowered spring decreasing..Producer can start manufacturing higher-ed spring already
Fake wiper.

Why the heck ppl buy something that is TOTALLY useless??
The front windscreen wiper rubber oredi koyak, while the owner got money to buy fake viper...

When CNY come got Angpau lor ..ahaha

got ang pao then buy vid bumper for your satria again lo~~

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wahaahahaha....WTF he thinking?????

Most ricer raceboy wants huge GT wing.

But this Datsun kacang got only small-small GT wing. Maybe the others winglets will pop out once the car reach 150km/hr??

The little wing looks cute. Like used in Smurf village as a stool.
nah.. i post some nice pimped ride lah... hahaha.. i think most of you know this car rite???


Mingz - I waiting for you to get married la then can get Ang Pau..haha..Remember to call us leh..

Erm , what car is the back one ( white in color with mohawk sticker )
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