Perodua Kelisa Rear Axle / HUb

devilz 78

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devilz 78

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Jul 25, 2008
kuala lumpur
Hi guys, need some assistant from you all who knows how to replace this parts below pic. Friend of mine had an accident the other day and damaged his rear brake hub, as in the pic below show the circle part is bent so the tyre is not straight anymore. Question, can the damaged part be replace or have to get a full hub set for this ? Thanks!


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i'm planning to change my stock OEM mufflers to a better-looking & (hopefully) not too expensive.
have been lookin' out for a Mugen Twin Loop Silencer system.

but u ppl know la that eg rear bumper is so short, so i dunno whether it'll fit.:thumpdown
i dun wanna go to the muffler shop and waste my whole day there just to find a suitable lookin' muffler.

so i wonder what muffler u EG guys have rite now...
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