Perodua Ativa Modellista Bodykit/Spoiler

Exterior and Body

Perodua Ativa Modellista Bodykit/Spoiler


9,000 RPM
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Sep 21, 2010
Johor Bahru
Perodua Ativa Modellista Bodykit/Spoiler
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Location: 1,JLN Permatang 8, TMN Desa Jaya, 81100 JB

We Specialise in Panel Beating, Spray Painting, Bodykits, Spareparts, Exhaust System, Windscreen/Car accident Claim, Car Polish & Wax...




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Looking to swap standard 1.6 campro for somthing with a bit more grunt. see a few with EVO engines and the GSR turbo, but looking for somthing a bit different. been looking at buying an FTO for cheep and using the 2.0ltr v6 out of that....

first off i'm just wondering if it would fit?
what else would i have to strip out of the fto to make this work?
plus what custom parts would i have to look at getting made?

all help welcome.

live in UK so no probs with putting bigger engine...
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