Optimum Detail : Proton Preve. Best looking 4 year old Proton we've ever done.


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

We've always been a fan of the Proton Preve since its birth but never had we seen such a well kept and tip top condition Proton Preve. The owner is one of our longest friend and supporter, he decided that the car needed some love and attention after the front section had been repainted. This was merely a simple polish and restore. Read to find out more.

Upon arrival, the car was pretty hazy. With the complete R3 bodykit and an upgraded aftermarket wheel. The car sits just perfectly.

Being a rather well maintained ride, the paint was in quite a good condition. Just a few minor fix and some accidental damage that we could not restore.

Here is one of the scuffs that cannot be restored.

Paint wise, you can see that the paint shop did not do a very good job at the finishing. It is a common problem for cars that had been repainted. The typical paint shop are just not capable of that finer finish you are looking for, hence we are here to fix that.

We let the car cooled down before washing. Since it was rather straight forward, there wasn't much to document. We'll skip to the paint correction. Here is some photos of after polish.

A little haziness on the paint after the first pass.

Final finish cleared it off and you can actually see that metallic flakes more clearly.

Here's a quick example of swirls detected under the sun.

After a minor polish, we cleared off the minor swirls.

Another minor swirl spot found under the sun.

Cleared it off. After shots.

After about 5hours, we finished the polishing and restoration process.

As a alternate finishing unlike our usual coating application. We finish the car with a generous coat of premium high quality wax. Check out that glossy mirror finish.