Optimum Detail : Mitsubishi Lancer


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

To some the Mitsubishi Lancer is just an A to B commute vehicle, but to some its their first ride, pride and joy! The owner of this ride just got the car repainted not long ago but was not very satisfied with the paint finishing from the paint shop. The typical practice from paint shops will end up with alot of swirls from their G6 heavy cutting compound.

The swirls condition on the paint is like this.

It does look pretty severe and even more horrible looking in real life

And this is just the front hood.

More swirls.

There was an unknown stain here that we spotted. Could not be washed off.

The texture on the paint was a little off as well which resulted in a blurry reflection.

We first start with a detailed wash.

We first tackled the most common problem on white cars. Tar spots.

You can really see the tar dissolving off.

After a quick polish you can obviously see the difference in colour. (left is untouched)

The stain had been removed.

The swirls fully restored.

LED reveals better and still, no swirls spotted.

After multiple checking on the final results on the paint correction, we applied a generous layer of Swissvax.

Because the owner gave us plenty of time to work on the car, we actually took about 20hours on this polishing job. The results are astonishing as usual and the owner was more than satisfied with the results. Check out the glossy finish.