Optimum Coating : Lexus CT200H *warning picture heavy*


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Jul 13, 2010

It is said to be that this car is one of the most fuel efficient hybrid car ever made. It is said by the owner, that this car had been diagnosed by one of the most well known retailers in Malaysia. It is said that by the owner, that these detailers force him to polish his flawless paint condition just because its 1 year old and rarely used. So, we stepped into the picture.

*P/S: we are using a different digital camera for this job as our standard camera suffered some damages.

For the paint condition diagnosis, we found the the surface has a minimum hydrophobic element.

The question of such flawless paint conditions had us wondering how old was the car, how much was the milage, how many times had it been washed?

We come in for a closer look, as this is a Pearl White, so lighting could be slightly over exposed. But we find tat it is swirl and hologram free.

Another closed up look on the paint at a different section of the car, and yes it is the same on the entire car. Hence we asked the owner about the milage, usage of the car, etc. Apparently, the car had been bought and not been used as the owner is always out of the country. Basically, it had been collecting dust for the past year.

Found a long watermark stain from the constant exposure to dirty rain water.

For the correction, we were not required to polish the paint as it is already in a flawless condition. So we turn to hardcore crazy cleaning every edge.

Not one secluded area was missed.

The front number plate holder area was removed and double sided tape marks removed with Osren's Tar Remover.

The long watermark stain removed with a light polishing with machine.

Yet another view on the long watermark stain area.

The rear number plate was removed and the sticky glue residue was removed as well but unfortunately the after pictures wasn't taken but you should be able to see it at the final results.

Since the car had been left there to collect dust for almost a year, I expected the glass to have watermark issues. I was right.

With using Osren's StainX, watermarks all removed without any hassle and damages to the glass.

The owner swapped some mighty awesome wheel on this Nippon Ride. So here it is, Rays Engineering. We started from the exterior, to the interior, to the back of the spokes then got it coated as well.

Within the deep area s behind the pretty spokes. Dirty and covered in sand and brake dust.

After a quick wash up with Osren's Multi-Cleaner.

On the spokes, barely running for 2 days.

After brushing and removing the brake dust.

Brake dust stuck behind the spokes

The cleaned spoke.

After drying the rims inside and out, we coated it.

Zoom in on the small details.

After Coating application.

Water beading on the rims.

More water beadings on the spokes.

Rims caps were plastic but coated as well.

Not forgetting the very expensive Rays Lug nuts.

Artistic view of small water beadings.

After a 6 hour ordeal, we finally came to a conclusion. The car is fully Optimum Coated. We will let the pictures do the talking. Comes with a complimentary sun shot.


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May 19, 2010
One of my favourite car in my favourite colour. And I see you've gotten yourself a camera finally.


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Jul 13, 2010
One of my favourite car in my favourite colour. And I see you've gotten yourself a camera finally.
lol its not mine, i drop my phone into a lake. so waiting replacement.

and not that soddy S3 camera. :biggrin:

Those beads! Gawdd... I wanna get that result on my car
I would prefer the S3 camera tho. this camera could not catch some stuff i wanted.

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