Optimum Coating : Golf GTI 1 year old restored


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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

We have here a 1 year old Golf GTI with us to be fully corrected of the swirls on her body and also to apply Optimum Coating. So lets talk about some history on this sweet*German*chick. She is 1 year old, seldom been washed, heavy usage on highways, seldom waxed and protected, and never been coated. Our mission today was to restore her original beauty and make it last!

Upon arrival, we started with a wash before any inspection. The car was in a Solid White base colour hence it is rather hard to spot damages when its dirty.

After some inspection, we found that even after the wash the surface of the car was still dirty. The white could not show its true purity. We needed to do some serious paint cleaning here

We then continue to inspect the paint with 2 different sources of lighting (LED and Halogen)

We found swirls on both kind of lighting, although its light but we do not tolerate light and we always try to achieve a swirls free surface before any coating application

We did 2 passes of compound of wool and a special high speed dual action polisher method we picked up from Optimum US for further removal of minor swirls

This is my apprentice at work.

we were able to achieve a near swirl free with some deeper RIDs that we felt its not worth it to risk. But over all the surface was 90% swirl free. So while we were having a break, I slowly touched up some areas that is usually neglected during a wash. This is how deep we go to clean!

After 30 minutes on the grills alone...

We shall let the pictures do the talking from here*onward.