Optimum Coating : 10 year old Mercedes W210 Avantgard Extreme Interior and Exterior


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Everyone has their own dream ride, the owner of this Mercedes had half his life trying to get to this. We are here to restore its appearance today. Being a car more than 10 years of age, the paint is in quite a bad shape, headlights oxidized, wheels stained, paint swirled and scratched up, watermarks all over, but we still decided to try and restore this beauty to its former glory.

Upon arrival, we can see that the car still had some shine in it. Being in a state where there is not much professionals in car care, this car had gone through hell to be still having that little shine.

The sun was out, hence we took a sun shot. Check out the swirls.

Getting a closer look on the LED, we found these.

On another panel

The condition of the car is pretty much all like this, covered in deep swirls, watermarks and random scratches.

Coming to the headlights, it is obvious that oxidation had begun many years ago. Causing it to become dull and yellowish.

Fancy some watermarks? It is also evenly covered on the entire paint work of the car.

The reflection was very much dull.

Yes, we clean the most filthy area of the car. This was the before.

We would say that the swirls were 90% removed. Some were just too deep to reach as the Paint Depth Gauge indicated that the paint is not very thick.

Headlights were restored of its shine and clarity.

Here is a better comparison. Before.

And After. PS: all chrome parts were hand polished as well.

Check out the final reflection. Looked quite impressive now.

At this point, we completed the exterior and moved on to the interior.

The owner wanted us to try and restore the interior as well. Years of grime, dirt, stains, dead skin? All stored in the cabin.
So yea, why not. Here is a 50/50 on the passenger seat.

50/50 on the arm rest? Our cleaning tools kind of smelled funny at this point.

50/50 view on the door panels. Zoomed-Out.

Look closer and you see brown stuff.

"Leather is supposed to have a matte finish -Veloc" Once a leather master told me. So, here is a 50/50 on the shiny and matte steering

Side sill plates were half plastic half aluminum, 50/50 looked like this.

Finally, after a gruesome 12hours, no lunch time, no break time, solo, only water to drink, detailing and correction session. We came to these results.