Onboard the Tomoyoshi Racing Honda NSX around the AUTOPOLIS Circuit

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Kevin Lee

1,500 RPM
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Jan 26, 2009
Kampar, Perak

Watch this incredibly balanced machine, take on the Autopolis track. He laps a respectable 1:54:09 minute around the Autopolis track. His machine is so balanced that it could carve the corners around the circuit so easily. The V-TEC sound is synonimous with all things Honda, so a video not to be missed.

YouTube - Kyushu-danji NSX

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Hi guys,

That day on routine engine check, found my air filter hose connected to the turbine intake loose. The clip have been tighten to the maximum and still loose (moving). Was wondering what to use to tighten it up. The hose is rubber, so probably through the years of use could have harden and shrunk a little. The turbine is hot so cannot fit any rubber or paper, so was thinking what else can use.

So I raided my wife's kitchen for some "Diamond" brand aluminum foil. Fold a few rounds to...
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