MyVi RS [ myvi 1.0 with GSR turbine]


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Mar 7, 2005
Will MyVi 1.0 engine with bolt on turbo (GSR turbine) works?
Just want to friend did this [see picture for detail]
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yap..yap....follow my friend to see his car yesterday....he never told me what he did to his car... so shock when i see it....can it works ha? for engine management he use haltech x6k
omg...finally..a myvi turbo.haha

ur asking can it be done? ur fren has done it wat..
Is it me, or is that turbine too near to the oil filter(or whatever that black thing is)?
ya..lah the oil filter..look so near with the turbine....gonna tell my friend later...anyway the person who done this say after tuning maybe can get +50hp more. can't wait to see the dyno result.
should be cheaper to install yrv turbo engine ma...more stable oso...
props to the workshop who did it. definately a very original custom job by our local mechanics. now, the question of performance and reliability.
put yrv 1.3 turbo better den bolt on.. no need to spend so much money... and more stable..
thinking of that before but after ask several place see that YRV will cost more, somemore this 1 got haltech ma...can easily upgred in future and can enter drag race below 1000 cc somemore... above 1000cc difucult to cari makan...loh
agreed. y dun just put in YRV 1.3T. P7P no need no modd and a lot of work must to be done.
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