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Here's some quick link to refer to our activities post and postings with pictures on our events/meet-up. Most of the pics can be found in our Yahoo Group pages as well and here's some of them.

This page will be updated consistently to make it easier to search for our photos or past activities so please remember to always RE-VISIT this page.

The list below in starting order updated from our latest events.

- Kuching Mini-TT

<A href="" target=_blank>- The MLOC Melaka Album ! (KL visits Melaka MLOCian, 14th Jan 07)

<A href="" target=_blank>- Mitsubishi Triton Launch (Mitsubishi Invites MLOC)

<A href="" target=_blank>- Cheras Connaught TT + Speed Runs Convoy

<A href="" target=_blank>- New Members Intro Gathering TT + Convoy

<A href="" target=_blank>- Speedruns Convoy + TT to Seremban

<A href="" target=_blank>
- MLOC Sun Evening Party & Town Convoy @ Soda Club Sri-Hartamas

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Speedruns Convoy + Day TT & Dinner at Rendevous, Kg.Pandan KL

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Wedding Convoy to Melaka - 3rd June

<A href="" target=_blank>
- MLOC group visit to KL International Motorshow 2006

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Night TT & Speedruns Convoy to Hulu Langat

<A href="" target=_blank>
- MLOC @ Sepang Track Day

<A href="" target=_blank>
- MLOC visit to LLUMAR Tint HQ Opening in TTDI

<A href="" target=_blank>
- MLOC 2006 AGM - Photo Stories

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Night TT in Taman Connaught, Cheras KL

<A href="" target=_blank>
- MLOC Southern Convoy and Johore Circuit Track Day

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Ulu Yam & Gohtong Jaya Night Convoys

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Convoy to Bukit Tinggi

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Mitsubishi Performance Enthusiast Gathering by MLOC

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Makan-makan convoy to Melaka & Seremban

<A href="" target=_blank>
- Night Gathering & Convoy to PUTRAJAYA

- Past TT & Convoy around KL-Damansara Heights
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