mitsubishi 1.6 turbo


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May 28, 2006
is there any existant of mitsubishi 1.6 turbo in malaysia, "if" any, what model is it, how much price of the engine??
4G61T. Mirage Turbo. Very old car..1989. Halfcut ultra rare.
Price is high. Expensive.
I bought it half year ago, 4.7K! Some more is Cyclone TB, not ECI-MULTI TB.
I know I was being "chopped" by the seller. But the whole northern region except AS site, PG, PRAI, BW, BM, JURU, ALMA, PERAPIT, KULIM, BALING... Not even one halfcut shop is selling. Luckily there is one unit in SP. But price... =.=" up bit can get mivec halfcut already !!!
Ya. But to put into Iswara, I still prefer 61. Although 92 is good, but all the engine base need to modify. Reliability may out if the transplantation is not properly done.
i wanna install it into my 1.3.... if gsr of course best but must pay extra "under table" at puspakom. if mivec of course many at hafkat. but i prefer turbo. who know enjin lantai murah2. qoute price plzz.
If i am correct. 4g61 you also need to modify your cross member mounting also which to JPJ is illegal
huhu i dont know about that, what about mivec.......? or any suggestion other engine.
if u really really really insist on turbo, then go for gsr. but mivec is a very good choice already. in stock form of course not as fast as stock mirage, but u will be spending ur money after conversion on modifications, instead of repairs.

mirage can use but not worth the price anymore. mivec since last time also rm5k++. mirage used to be 2k++ only...
Ya. Have a minor relocation.
Engine mounting position was not modified. I means for the whole thing which holding engine near to firewall and near to radiator. The thing just take out and drill a hole to shift the hole postition to suit the engine mouting.
Left and right mouting no need to do anything.
yo din!
Long time no chat with you. How are you? How's your monster lately? Any upgrade done?
ya lor..
im oso using mirage till now days..
then if sumthing goin hancus...
then later wanna looking for the mirage part a like looking the small fish in the ocean..
but luckly the mirage is in 4g6X family..
so can take other part from vr4 or evo..
y dont u go for GSR??
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