Lisbon-Dakar Rally Cancelled Due To Terrorist Threats


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Dec 12, 2007

For the first time ever, the legendary Lisbon-Dakar rally has been cancelled. Individual stages have been cancelled before but never the entire rally. Dakar organizer ASO has decided to cancel the race due to terrorist threats from Mauritania. The rally was to run from Lisbon, Portugal to Dakar, Senegal from January 5-20.

Mauritania, formerly a French colony, and the ASO (Amaury Sport Organization, the same folks responsible for the Tour de France) is a French organization. It appears that anything French is a target for these terrorists. On December 28,2007, four French tourists were murdered in Mauritania by “a branch of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb,” and threats have already been made directly against the race.

Eight of the rally’s fifteen stages were to take place in Mauritania. The ASO felt it had no choice but to cancel the race after being advised to not hold the race by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Terrorists have already expanded their grip to include our wonderful world of Motorsports, although how our sport interests them is illusive It is regrettable, and a sad day for Motorsports and we petrol heads should unite to condemn such acts against our beloved sport.
Can see this coming for some time already. This is not the 1st time they received terrorists threats rite? sigh... wonder what will be the next thing to be cancel coz of these bloody extremists...
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