Let's do a Good deed to start the New Year of 2022! Make good use of your car


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Nov 18, 2003
Let's do a Good deed to start the New Year of 2022. Make a good use of your car and a bit of your time :burnout::burnout:

Dear All, we need volunteers to deliver out mattress + pillows to flood victim around Klang Valley!:driver:
Benefits: 1. After that you can have TT:beer: with other car enthusiast (at your own cost la :biggrin: coz this is all volunteering to help ya, no pay one :biggrin:)
2. You can sleep well at nite knowing you helped someone in need :rofl:
3. Your gf/wife/partner will love you more coz u show your lovey dovey caring side :love:

Reaching out to all car lovers, ya you there, we need volunteers (it would be good if your car club can join together) to help send mattress n pillow to flood victim in Selangor. Appreciate it if any of u guys can pitch in to help deliver, from one car enthusiast to another

Due to overwhelming response for the aid, MajuHome is in need of volunteers to help deliver 1000 free mattresses (single size) + pillows to flood victims around Selangor to help rebuild their homes. Delivery expected on the first week of January 2022. If u have a car/SUV/4wd/MPV/van/lorry, we would appreciate the help. Location of MajuHome Flood Relief centre is @ MajuHome USJ Branch. Pls help share with yr friends as well. For volunteer registration pls click on link MHF Flood Relief Click HERE . We will contact you for actual date. Let's help rebuild their homes #kitajagakita #majuhomemajukita. TQ
REMINDER NOTE: We don't need donations, we just need DRIVERS this Friday (7/1/2022), Saturday (8/1/2022), Sunday (9/1/2022) 11am-3pm :driver:
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