lancer glx 1.6 @ CS3

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Apr 3, 2004
Kuala Lumpur
Hi all..

Would like to get help/advice from you guys...

I plan to buy a lancer glx 1.6 auto. Actually i got 2 option either lancer or sentra. My budget is rm30k below.
i love cs3 due to its high quality built up, good looking and i like the dashboard looks too....and lots upgrade opportunity.
may i know....
a. Engine. For stock 1.6auto hv many issues/problems?
b. Gearbox....any issues/problems?
C. Absorber.. i heard its shared with it true? Or if it easy to get spares?
D. Suspension links...lower arm, "dog bones"...wish bones whatever la...suspension it hard/easy to find?

Really appreciate you guys, sifu out theres to advice me....

Thanks in advance

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1) Head gasket (cld be normal or metal one)
2) Valve seal
3) Valve cover gasket
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