Kia Forte Front Bonnet Hood With Scoop

Exterior and Body

Kia Forte Front Bonnet Hood With Scoop


9,000 RPM
Senior Member


9,000 RPM
Senior Member
Sep 21, 2010
Johor Bahru
Kia Forte Front Bonnet hood With Scoop
New parts Rm580, Plug & Play ...
Nice Fitting...
call for more Forte Bodykits & best price...
call 016-724 5923
Loc. 1, JLN Permatang 8, TMN Desa Jaya, 81100 JB



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I was browsing through the net and I found this in It look pretty obvious that the defi's that this guy is selling WITHOUT the sensors and for the Price.

Now I wont say that this item is 100% stolen. I might be wrong. MAYBE the guy lost/spoil all his Defi sensors and decided to sell his defi for a super duper cheap price. Anyway maybe any members in this forum that their defi's and other meter that been stolen able to recognize their belongings...
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