Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign with Skyline R30 L20E engine..!!!

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Jan 31, 2006
this mint condition Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign was found at a petrol station in Malacca while me and my frenz were cruising around.. chatted with the owner for a while and he dropped the bomb that his car is using a Nissan engine.. our chat then turned out to be an on-the-spot photoshoot session.. :regular_smile:

in the engine bay resides an engine from a Nissan Skyline R30 L20E 12 Valve SOHC but still uses the old Jaguar's cam cover, inlet manifold, carbs and tranny.. look closely at the bottom pic and u'll see the wording "Nissan Japan" on the engine head.. :omg_smile:

Nissan Rocks..!! :shades_smile:





what R30 engine, not the "typical" RB..

russwestwood said:
Heard about another old Jag using a RB26DETT.. somewhere in kl too...

The maroon with intercooler sticking out underneth? Always see that around Kosas area too..very the sleeper
eh if like this changed engine ah......who gonna knows it lol.........

JPJ ka.....POLIS ka.....ROAD BLOCK they gonna know what's under the hood?

so y bother to apply haha
Apply for insurance purpose ony maa, other than that who cares, but still if u accident without insurace and car got compound that would suck real bad
vely sleeper

yea there are some of this car on magazines yo like drag sport and its maroon too but in jempol maa.this cars are like those old mercedes e class with rb25det's but sometimes intercoolers,lots o meters and a turbo timer are dead give aways but most of the time this cars are wolf in sheeps skin yall

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