Inter Type R Gathering/TT

Feb 12, 2012
Kuala Lumpur
Hey guys, im planning to get a FN2 soon but need to find out the maintenance cost & spare Parts Stock availability..really really appreciate your kind advice. Desperate ^^ Cheers:driver:

Sam Tay

From Facebook
Feb 27, 2012
guys im sorry if this post is rather random but i need advice(since i see some of u owns integra dc5 ) .. planning to get a dc5 type r ... which is better the prefacelift or facelift , is the Rm20k-30k extra price-tag for facelift model worth it ?

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Which is a better offer?

mazda3 or civic 2.0 facelift?

All specs are in the link haha

Honda City GM6 1.5 V (2014) vs Mazda3 2.0 SkyActiv Sedan (2014) vs Honda Civic FB Facelift 2.0S (2014) vs Honda Civic FB Facelift 2.0 Navi (2014) -,

Not considering any cvt or dct cars. (:

Mazda3 cost more but seems to have better driving feel while civic cost less but its spare parts...
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