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Jun 10, 2020
Petaling Jaya

Rather than focusing on full-throttle performance, the Almera Turbo's HR10DET engine aims to fulfil real-life, daily driving needs with more low end torque.This 1.0L 3 cylinder turbo engine makes 100ps / 152nm and is used in the entire Almera Turbo lineup. It features an integrated electronic wastegate and Nissan GTR inspired Mirror Bore coated cylinder wall that promises better engine response.

The HR10DET is intended to be a high performance 1 litre turbo engine that benchmarks itself against the competing 1.5L or higher cc NA engines.

HR10DET breakdown:
HR - Engine Family
10 - 1.0 Liter Displacement
D - DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshafts)
E - Electronic Port Fuel Injection
T - Turbocharged



Nissan Almera Turbo:
100ps / 152nm / 999cc 3 cylinder turbo / CVT / FWD / 1076kg / 180kmh

Mirror Bore Coating

This is a crucial tech passed down by elder brother Nissan GTR's VR38DETT 600hp 3.8L V6 twin turbo powerhouse that enables the little 999cc HR10DET engine to rev easier. Instead of inserting traditional cylinder liners, the Mirror Bore Coating method sprays molten iron into the bore, which becomes the cylinder wall and then given a mirror like finish.

The 0.2mm mirror bore coating is ultra thin compared to the 2mm cylinder liner in normal applications. The advantages are, better heat conduction, improved cooling, reduced engine knocking, better engine efficiency and power. The engine is also lighter as a whole, which again adds to the benefits of mirror bore coating

Electronic Wastegate

Instead of a mechanical wastegate, the HR10DET uses an electronically actuated wastegate. A sensor tells the electronic wastegate to precisely control boost levels, which reduces lag, increases engine response and improves acceleration.

Fine Spray Injectors

The HR10DET engine uses a 12 hole injector nozzle instead of the conventional 4 hole version. This increases fuel spray, reduces fuel particle size by about 40% and thereby raises combustion efficiency while generating less exhaust hydrocarbons

Mirror Finishing

To further reduce friction on key bearing surfaces of the the HR10DET engine, components such as the crankshaft and camshaft journals are finished to a mirror like gloss via a polishing tape method.






This car is a prove that 'Renault' can sell well in Malaysia. People dont mind paying for Renault-priced parts when the logo of the car is a Jap logo but if its a proper Renault everything becomes expensive.
This car is a prove that 'Renault' can sell well in Malaysia. People dont mind paying for Renault-priced parts when the logo of the car is a Jap logo but if its a proper Renault everything becomes expensive.
Renault makes pretty cars but they fail miserably with the names. Captur, Koleos, Kangoo... these names just spoil the cars for me.
Heard many complaints about the engine.....
Nope...mechanically, the engine and gearbox (on its own ) is very reliable. Common issue with european powertrain is the tempermental electrical/electronic system.

One bad connection or bad grounding will cause problems thats sadly being attended by incompetent mechanic which tells owner to replace a major component such as gearbox, ECU, etc when all it needs is just a contact cleaner spray and additional grounding.

Back on the Almera, i watched a video online where the guy said Almera ride&handling much better compared to City and Vios. Thats very high praise considering the old Almera is just like a stock Myvi with XXL rear legroom. Apart from the revamped suspension, could the bigger tire size (compared to vios & city ) contribute to this improvement?
Definitely a 360 Degree change from the previous boring look. Now look more aggresive and with the GTR technology behind it. Save fuel + more power (Turbo)
The Waja 1.8 bad

Back then somebody's father had one, never ending Christmas lights on the dash and limp mode. Was reading Autoworld Forums then to try and figure out what's wrong. It was an ongoing nightmare.

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