Hot Wheels Video Racer tested, perfect to induce nausea w/video

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500 RPM
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500 RPM
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Oct 13, 2006

Growing up we all went through a Hot Wheels stage, building elaborate tracks and then releasing the mini racers and watching them zip around the tracks at breakneck speeds before jumping off or crashing into a wall to be stopped.

Well some of us probably still play with Hot Wheels and if you’ve ever wondered what the view from the front of the car is like, Hot Wheels has just the answer for you.

The new line of Hot Wheels Video Racer cars is basically a rolling video camera wrapped in a Hot Wheels body. There’s a lens up front that will record the entire journey and a USB port out back allows you to extract the videos to your computer.

There’s even a tiny screen on the underside of the Video Racer car that lets you watch the playback or check the camera angle before releasing it.

They guys over at got a unit to review and they let it loose on a few homemade tracks. As you would expect, the footage is blisteringly quick and bouncy. If you’re prone to motion sickness or get nausea easily, you better skip this one.

This doesn’t only appeal to the kid in you as the Video Racer can be held in place by a strap with multipurpose joints that allow you to clip it on a helmet, glass panel or anything else you might want to hook the camera up to, making it a Go Pro camera with wheels.

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