Holy fuck! MR2 to Ferrari F355

and I still remember I destroy my friends mr 2 sc gearbox
sob sob ...

anyway ,really nice things
Im willing to die if I cna sit inside

but hmm ... stock engine is it ?
cause I cant find any info about the engine
These B.A.D 355 kits looks to be of good quality. But it has one major flaw. The pop-up lights is left in the original position. Any MR2 or 355 owner can spot these a mile away and can tell.

There's another kit out there that moves the lights lower to the correct position.

Here's another fellow who's doing the conversion.


i've seen in the net a first generation mr2 converted into F40. fantastic.
holy shit....


Kit: £4,000 (This is what I payed before price reductions)
Fitting £1,500
Wheels (F355 or others) £1,500
Spacers (backs) £ 150
Spacers (F355 Front only) £ 80
H Gate £ 170 approx.
Respray £2,000 approx.
Retrim (Leather) £1,000 approx.
Lights & Badges (originals) £ 900 approx.

taken from....
whateva the cost of it....its still 100 times cheaper than a ferrari~!! :lol:
look damn alike lohz.....!!!
the ang mos are realli crazy manz!!!
this was featured in MAX Power or REDLINE way back in 2000. yup, amazing hehe. but the one featured was silver.
one thing I noticed....I'm sure everyone did too....that its way small for the F355 but how many have seen one in real life that is another story <_<
Originally posted by normality78@Jul 10 2004, 12:53 AM
how about Msia JB unit?.

damn how come it looks familliar...
but i don't know if i seen this before..
i have this feeling i have...

where's this car based?
So who in the Klang Valley would be the first to get his/her MR2 converted?
Would be nice to see a Mini Ferrari going around town. LOL. Minus the sweet exhaust tune of a typical Ferrari.

Anybody adventurous enough? <_<
I saw one mr2 converted into ferrari testarosa in option magazine in japan. its almost can not distinguish because the fellow done a gone body work.
Originally posted by MK84@Jul 9 2004, 06:04 PM
355 or MR2? :)



MK84, that one is one fully identified MR2 hehe. the front is too short to be a 355 or even the roof is a little too high for a 355. correct me if i am wrong. and another give away, the door, a little too short.

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