Fuel and exhaust valve


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Apr 28, 2016
Ipoh Peraj
Hye everybody,i just want to learn about car that's why i join this forum, the first thing that i like is the procedure about top overhaul engine,the first things is dissembled the cylinder head okay,i undertand that,and after that i read in some blog,they said open the fuel and exhaust valve so i want detail about the fuel and exhaust valve how to open it,need some special equipment or they have they special ways,i hope all the sifu can help me,i really appreciate it if u all share link or picture how to open it....

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Hi guys,

I went to Eneos the other day at 1 U, and I saw an advertisement there for leather refurbish such as for leather steering, gear knobs and etc. I called up the company and I went there today to touch up on my Momo steering. Usual la, the cracks and tears on my steering as my car usually under the hot sun. So anyway, just to share with you all, I am really satisfied with their services. Although they did not re-wrap my steering with a new leather cover, the touch up they did was just...
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