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500 RPM
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500 RPM
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May 16, 2004
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Have a look at this

Ferrari's next hyper car
1. 1hp/kg, 10,000rpm, >1000hp
2. armour plated, compact berlinetta 2 seater
3. big luggage space, >2 golf bags
4. central steering rack, but can change sides both RHD and LHD
5. ability to race in both Le Mans and Dakar
6. Euro 575,000.

Check this news out:

Oh no wonderlaa, gas turbine engine. New direction for cars.

gas turbine used b4, in bikes and tanks, producing huge hp. now, it'll be in cars.

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hi allll....

i got some question for all sifus out there..
- how standard / max boost for stock evo 1
- what parts i need to change for go high boost (budget <3k)
- did i going modified to high boost, is that my engine not last longer

thax for help
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