DIY stock rims spray...wat do u think guys?


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Dec 10, 2005
Kuala Lumpur
Guys..i sprayed my stock rims...all for under rm40 only...check it out and give me ur opinion ok guys..i posted pics below






can list out the step how u do it ? like sand it with what then spray with what then sand again or what....bla bla bla, thx, anyway nice job there ! very nice are the steps and things needed for this simple DIY project

1. Dynamo ( used for washing clothes one)
2. Thinner ( optional)
3. 1 can clear coat ( finishing layer)
4. 2 cans spray paint ( for mine I used 2 cans )
5. Sand paper...depending on scratch u might need different coarseness
6. Lots and lots of PATIENCE!


1. Firstly, u need to cabut the rims off from the car and wash with Dynamo. Do this 2 or 3 times to ensure that grime and oil have been completely removed. Any oil on rims will SPOIL ur project and you'll have to start over again.
3. Sandpaper the rims using the sandpaper with water. Wet ur rims from time to time with water to ensure that no dust flies around. Makes ur job easier too.
4. The rim surface must be smooth to the touch before you begin. After sanding wash again with Dynamo and water once and let the rims dry. If u want to speed up the drying process you can use hairdryer like what I did. :D
5. Tape the areas that U dun want to be painted with masking tape and newspaper. Make sure that the taping is secure o else ur work might come out ugly.
6. Spray one thin layer first. Wait for approcimately 20 minutes for the paint to dry and harden. After that spray another layer. Not too thick until the paint flows o else have to redo everything again. Make sure u can see the shine before u spray another layer. For mine I had 4 layers of paint.
7. Ok, after paint dried and ur satisfied with ur handiwork it is time for the finishing touch ---> clear coat!
8. The steps are pretty much the same with paint. Need to see the shine b4 u stop and let it dry o else it won't be shiny. Recommended is 3 layers.
9. Sit back, relax and admire ur handiwork.

Please refer to the pics for info. Sorry not many pics i can upload. Enjoy DIY! :P
i only think the paint can last how long b4 starting to torn
Waah.. nice job. two thumbs up!
but with this nice preparation, i think quite hard the paint to peel off...
lolz...preparing the rims was the hardest part ppl..i sanded it down to the primer the paint will makan..oh yeah i got use clear coat as the final layer..3 layers i use...if not won't kilat... :D
nice job done dude... a thumb up and respect ur patient also...
Great job done!

Mayb time 2venture in2 some specialized "home" biznes?
With such diligent work, feel yu'd get many waiting in line lo... :)
zeone, i'm only a student now..hahaha..i DIY cos can save money... :D..when i'm old maybe i do to support my old
I always had this idea in my head that regular can spray paints won't take the heat from the rims. Mine was sprayed some years back and in just about a year, it started to blister. Now it looks like crap. One thing to probably remember is that brake dust and brake oil may settle on the paint and these stuff are kinda corrosive, from what I know. That's why I'm kinda reluctant to do it. In my personal views, I'd rather have the car body paint sprayed on my rims, as those car paint are much more tougher than regular can spray paint.
Nevertheless, the photos above are good stuff and good job. Thumbs up
nice dude but can u share me some idea or steps need due to chorme my rims
hotwheels, sorry but i dun have any experience in chroming stuff...IMHO, it is better to leave it to the professionals to do it..unless u have all the equipment needed, chroming is far beyond DIY...just my 2 cents :D
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