Chance to Win $$$ by purchasing rim and tyres

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Chance to Win $$$ by purchasing rim and tyres


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Jan 29, 2013
WANT TO WIN $$ FROM US? You may have chance to get 100% cash rebate from us. (one winner every 2 weeks, for example if you spend RM1000, we give you back RM1000)

For more details:

Step 1:
Buy Rims (or Rims + tayar + etc.)

Step 2:
People from our shop will shoot your car+rims photo (or you may send your photo to us).

Step 3:
We will upload the photo to our Facebook Album 4:
Ask your friends Like our Facebook Page, and like your car photo in the album.
The highest "likes" photo in the contest session will be the winner.

Every contestant can accumulate the "like" votes for 6 sessions.
For example: you are session 14 contestant, if you didn't win for the session 14, your photo "like" numbers can be accumulated to the next session, until session 19.

Step 5:
If you are the winner, You will get 100% CASH rebate from us!~

Cheque Collection

And you may ask your friends come along to CELEBRATE!!!~~~

Party Time!!~

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