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Dec 1, 2003
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is an established company which is specialized in chassis tuning and automotive body strengthening. We have been in the automotive business for more than 10 years. We know vehicle chassis and body inside out and we have the know-how through accumulation of experiences from extensive Research and Development, we collect feedback from professional racers, public or even taxi drivers. Most of our products have been tested on the road for more than 100,000km! We fine tune and improve our products through times and that is why the
bars you bought today is good quality and with excellent performance!

Piracy and imitation
When a brand gets famous, it is hard to avoid imitations and copy cats. We have found out there are few imitations and followers in the market who produce similar outlook and claimed their stabilizer bars has similar performance like the
bars. Some even coated with similar colour to confuse buyers. One even uses our brand name!

Do not risk your life and money! Before buying imitation bars, think first!
1)The Quality – One is not sure about its quality of the imitation products. what grade of metal it is using? How is the welding quality like? What will happen if the welding seam crack while cornering at 110km/h?

2)Product – No one in the market specializes and concentrates 100% in chassis tuning and strengthening like
. Therefore,
cannot effort to fail and must deliver you the best quality product money can buy. Unlike us, the imitation bar producers are just part-timers who are not specialized in bars, no one can be sure about their product quality.

3)Lack of After Sales Service – Since the imitation bar producers are part-timers, they will disappear once their business goes slow. Where do you get your after sales services? Who do you complain if you have problem with your imitation bars?

4)Low Price – No need to pay for R&D. No real production facility. No need to care about after sales service. No need to have automotive specification metal. No wonder the imitation is cheaper.

As long as it looks the same? Think twice before you buy imitation!

HOW DO I know it’s REAL or FAKE?

Simple. Here’s some following steps to assist our valued customers to be able to identify the genuine product from fakes.


Step 1 - Ultra Racing Sticker: Every genuine
product carries
sticker and serial number as below.

Step 2 - Ultra Racing Authorized Dealer: Insist on buying from
authorized dealer. Only an authorized dealer is eligible to handle warranty claims. Call
(+603.4280.4213) to identify if in doubt.

Step 3 - Warranty Card: Every genuine
product carries a warranty card. By completing the warranty card and handing it back to us, you are entitled to a 3 years, unlimited mileage warranty.

Ultra Racing Product Supplies bears no responsibility for the imitation product purchased. Beware of imitation!

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Wira Aeroback was stolen on 27th of December 2007
(white colour of body, Black colour bonnet, Rim Advan RG 16)
at section 13 Shah Alam, Selangor Malaysia.

if anyting please contact iwan : 012-9313232

thank you.
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