Attention ! Car Stolen NCG 7463 Viva Elite Apple Green


Beyond 20,000 RPM!
Helmet Clan


Beyond 20,000 RPM!
Helmet Clan
May 11, 2010
Petaling Jaya
Saw this in another forum, just helping to spread the news. Happened on Monday 13th October 2014....

Hi All,

My friend's Viva stolen last night @ 10pm in Nilai.

Details : NCG 7463
Model: Viva Elite
Colour : Apple Green
Contact No : 0172777983 / 01799444618 or call nearest police station if bump with the car.
Hijackers : 2 Indian Guys with parang hijacked the car after smash the screen and hit the owner.

Owner will give you reward if you help him to find the car.

Please spread the news. Tqvm

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juz wanna noe it~
recently i found tat 4g93 hv hydraulic lifter and running in coil~
but it r oem~
so i am doing some research can it done?
4g93 sohc in coil~ nt carb~ in malaysia?
if yes pls tell me more info~
i feel wanna chnge it to coil~
bcoz dohc running expensive~
so i thinking of chnge to coil ignition sohc 4g93 lancer~
but it wiring r from ck~
other thn tis is~ ck 4g93 sohc is it expensive?
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