Arash AF-10 lets slip full specs

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500 RPM
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500 RPM
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Oct 13, 2006

It seems like forever and some more since English automakers Arash first let slip on the plans for their supercar, the AF-10. While it might seem dead in the water, but finally after five years of research and development, the car has been put through a 3D modeling program in the crawl towards final production.

The company has even revealed the full specs on the car. Power will be courtesy of a GM-sourced LS7 V8 that will push 550hp to the rear wheels with 644Nm of torque through a six-speed Graziano GT-ME1 transmission.

Filling the four corners would be custom wheels measuring 19x9.5 on the front and 20x12.5 on the rear. Attempts at traction would be the responsibility of sticky Michelin Pilot tyres sized a massive 335/30Z on the rear. Halting would be handled by AP Racing brakes, eight pots on the front and six at the hind, biting down hard on ventilated ceramic discs.

The engineers have cut weight by using a carbon fiber body and panels mashed together with an aluminium honeycomb. The alleged Formula One engineer-designed chassis is constructed with similar materials as well.

A steel roll-cage keeps safety in check with plastic windows on the rear keeping the weight down while laminated glass ones are retained on the front.

While the car has finally been through a 3D modeler, it’s still anybody’s guess on when the AF-10 will actually roll down the streets, if ever.

Source: WorldCarFans
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