AMS breaks own GT-R quarter mile mark


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Oct 13, 2006

As more and more tuners begin to fathom the Nissan GT-R, quarter mile records are dropping like guano in a bat cave. However, if there is one GT-R tuner that stands out it has to be AMS Performance.

They have just broken their own record for the quarter mile in their highly tuned GT-R with the Alpha 10 package. While there’re swaths of changes, all you need to know is that they give the car 1,100hp.

An Alpha 10 turbo system is the primary contributor to the insane power while the engine gets blueprinted. You may leave your worries on the transmission at the starting lights as AMS have also reworked the transmission to ensure it is capable of handling the power. Everything else under the hood, from the injectors to the turbo inlet pipes to the downpipes have all been upgraded or significantly reworked to pinch every horsepower out of that setup.

On the strip, the car laid down a 9.33-second pass at 246km/h, shaving off 0.56-seconds from the previous record.

Source: Autoblog



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Mar 7, 2004
wow, crazy horsie... full legal road car sumore!


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Feb 15, 2005
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A road legal 9 second car! Simply amazing!

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