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Jul 26, 2010
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The emergence of the Toyota 86 did not only rock the JDM world as an exciting new sports coupe that recaptures the spirit of the legendary AE86, it had also sent the tremors all the way onto the European scene. Word from international publications and online forums has it that the rebirth of the 86 in the form of the new Toyota 86 could actually prove to be better than the performance cars rolling out from the factories of Stuttgart’s finest!

Of course, we're not referring to the heavyweights like the GT3 RS or any of the 911 variants. Even so, a test conducted by an Australian magazine concluded that the reincarnation of the AE86, the Toyota 86, is actually better than the famed, handling benchmark, Porsche Cayman. Find it hard to believe?. Until you drive the first time.

Compiled by: d4rk and Tom

But what we do need here to somehow clarify the situation is someone who has deep enough knowledge in the the European performance car scene, someone who has either driven one to the last tire thread, or had lived with some as a personal ride. Better yet, one who has credible brownie points in actual motorsports. And there would be no other perfect candidate other than the guys down at ExoticMods. Joining in with us in this 86 special are none other than CEO, Shedden Ee himself, who has also been champion or a podium finisher in Sepang held race events like the MME and the Sepang 1000KM endurance, to name a few, not including other races.

Shedden, an owner of some great and current machines, like the R8 V8, 997 911 GT2, AMG SL55, the Cayman S and a wide range of other European performance cars including a tricked out 400hp Golf VI GTI, he naturally inherits a psychological bar set real high. A regular coupe or roadster just doesn't cut it anymore. So how would a new Japanese sports coupe such as the 86 fare?

We let Shedden describe his views on the Toyota 86 from an angle of a European performance car connoisseur.

Surprisingly, or perhaps, not surprisingly, the 86 manages to impress within seconds upon entering the coupe. The alcantara-clad sports seats fitted in the 86 exceeded expectations in providing a comfortable hug and above all, excellent seating position. Seats aside, the 86's driver-focused cabin gives the driver somewhat a “cockpit” feeling, where, unlike a regular car with a "R for racing" badge, it isn't at all a cockpit with fancy dials and seats. The driving position of the 86 is second to none. The steering is just right, the levers are just right, the pedals can't be positioned any better and everything from the aircond switches to the boot release lever are easily reachable to the driver and it all just gels.

Pretty 86 alongside TIMETOATTACK SC's bodacious AMG XXL55

On the handling part, according to Shedden, the 86 never fails to amaze; where the low center of gravity accentuated by the horizontally opposed, flat-four engine configuration, attributes to a good overall balance to the car, surprisingly even while driving the car with the VSC off. It oozes driving confidence. With the chassis developed specifically with the driving enthusiasts in mind, it offers unimaginable balance, and keeps it glued to the roads at all times. The suspension setup by the way, perfectly matches the chassis, it's firm, yet pliable. There is very good suspension travel for most situations yet it shows almost zero body roll. It's amazing how they managed to get the suspension system on the 86 tuned just right. This is a turn-key touge machine, a 3-in-1 sachet of instant track-car. While all this puts a satisfying grin on any discerning driver, such perfect blend of balance, direct and unadulterated feedback also makes for a great combo as a beginner’s RWD car.

Shedden, "I would say, the sound of 200 horsepower might not be adequate to be lined side-by-side with say any Porsche GT range, then again, the 86 as a daily, lite-version, miniature of an exotic sports car, is like a figure skater or a ballerina. Agile, swift and precise. Pleasant to live with. Such a car like the 86 is also an easier car to attain the absolute limits of, for a change. A refreshing change from the brute, punch-in-your-face force of a 100M Olympic runner. That just about puts it right."

Overall, the new Toyota 86 serves as an excellent platform for driving enthusiast in the market for something uncommon, pure and a trailblazer of what could be the benchmark of all FR sports coupes in the future. For those who are just learning to carve corners will be in for treat too, where finally, one of the world's most loved Japanese manufacturer remade a sequel of a 80's cult throwback, now in HD.

Toyota 86 Specifications and Prices

  • Zerotohundred: 8.2s (AT), 7.6s (MT)
  • Top Speed: 225 km / h
  • Engine: 1998 cc D-4S flat-four boxer engine (FA20)
  • Power: 197 bhp / 7000 rpm
  • Redline: 7400 rpm
  • Torque 205 nm / 6600 rpm
  • Weight: 1,230 kg
  • Fuel: 5.91L/100km Automatic / 6.5L/100km Manual
  • Fuel Tank: 50 L
  • Wheels: 17"
  • Tyres: 215/45R17 all round
  • Price: RM243,000 Manual / RM249,000 Auto
  • Official Link: http://www.toyota.com.my/toyota-86/

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May 10, 2012
If price wise sure anybody wants it and likes it,too bad,too bad...:smokin:


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1,500 RPM
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holy shit really?
Fuel: 8L / 100km / 12.5 KM / 1L

my forte also 10L/100km normally.. could drop to 6L/100km tho on highways.