4G91 adjustable cam pulley


3,000 RPM
Senior Member


3,000 RPM
Senior Member
Nov 14, 2003
1.6 and 1.8 adjustable campulley is the same.

Racing cam installation? U asking for installation price only or to get the high cams as well?

Installation price probably 100-150 bucks...

High cams price probably somewhere around 2k plus plus for regrinds

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i'm planning to change my stock OEM mufflers to a better-looking & (hopefully) not too expensive.
have been lookin' out for a Mugen Twin Loop Silencer system.

but u ppl know la that eg rear bumper is so short, so i dunno whether it'll fit.:thumpdown
i dun wanna go to the muffler shop and waste my whole day there just to find a suitable lookin' muffler.

so i wonder what muffler u EG guys have rite now...
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