4G15 With SuperTouring 8.5" Flywheel


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Jul 14, 2016
Hey there guys , have anyone use this combination on a 4G15 here ?

Just wanna get some opinion regarding this . As some said the flywheel should be skimmed as it is heavy , some said if skim will loss top speed ,i'm quite confused ...

Im using Clutch Pump Manual Box from Wira SE , can this gearbox use 8.5" clutch ?

Should i skim down the supertouring flywheel ? if yes how much weight i should target for ? it is intended to be daily driven .

Thanks for any advice from sifus here =)

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Hi guys, would like all the experience modder to advice me regard to this matter.

I actually would like to convert my undercarriage to evo but my mech told me cannot be done ?

I has yet to convert my engine to evo but would like to change my undercarriage first. I waiting for inspection.
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