4age turbo, what to get


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Dec 4, 2003
I am doing my 4agte project and it looking for a good turbo to match the 1.6 engine, will a T3/T4 .55 turbine side, 80 compressor side good for it , sorry that is the only info i get from the seller so need turbo sifu to give idea.For the turbo spec, i don't know much.

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Any sifu, help needed!! It's a very annoying problem. I've owned a proton wira 1.3 carb. De problem is de locking. It comes with an alarm system. When I unlock de door by either using key or remote control, de lock for all 4 doors pops up and down for many times. Furthermore, even when de door is unlocked, when I closed my passenger door, it will automatically pop down(locked). So, sometimes I got a problem by locking up my key inside de car. Sifu sifu pls help me recognize de problem...
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