2010 Sepang 1000km Race: Team Kegani Racing is back. Introducing pilots of car #37


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Dec 12, 2007

When asked who he regarded to be the team's closest competitor, team boss Kenny Lee's immediate response was, "our very own car #37." Apparently the car is lighter and has more straight line speed than the team's lead assault vehicle, car #36, a Toyota Levin. While car #37 may just be a "regular" 1.6 Toyota Corolla, it is the driver's that make the most difference, and what better combination than a trio of success hungry, determined and immensely skilled drivers from last year's outing. Same people, same car, same race, improved everything. This is the story of the driver's behind car #37.

Jon Teo

Jon's first time in competitive racing was last year's Sepang 1000km race where the team got a good qualifying position, did well through the start of the race but suffered a gearbox failure. He and his teammates are the same guys who suffered the ill faith last year, but without renewed spirits, the guys are back for 2010. We speak to Jon about his experiences and expectations:

What happened at last year's race?
We had a gearbox and LSD problem last year and were forced to retire in the end.

What's been done to ensure it doesn't happen again?
We overlooked this before but now we know so we have checked over and over again so that it doesn't happen again and to ensure that everything has been prepared properly.

What are the expectations and how's the team working to this?
The team is fully prepared and has good expectations for this years race.I am really happy and glad we have this team that is passionate and hardworking.

Who do you think is the fastest among the three drivers in your team?
Our team is fairly average timing among ourselves.I would be happy if any of my teammates is faster than me.

Who do you think are your closest competition and what are you doing to keep them behind you?
I think that everyone here is being competitive among each other and will try to drive our best out there.

Quote for the race:
Don't brake until you see god.

Chan Mun Leong

The oldest in the team, Mun Leong expectations for this year are relatively straight forward, "improve upon 2009 and win event outright and a class win." Fairly far fetched some may say, but one only needed to be there in the pits with the team to see how well everyone gets along and how determined everyone is. Disregarding this team will be a major tactical blunder for any team. This is Mun Leong's story:

This is your second time racing in the Sepang 1000KM, what's different?
Good race-craft been learnt from the very competative 1st stint of the last race. Some short coming been identified, so this year will be better prepared & stronger. Of course others team also getting stronger too. Due to higher expectation from team & myself, pressure will be higher.

Last year your car went out with a broken gearbox, why choose to use the same car again?
Where I fall, is where I choose to back on my feet. Haha

Who do you think is the fastest in your team of three drivers?
We all has our own strength in diff area. Some good in qualifying, some good in working through traffic. We are pretty close.

So what's the battle plan?
We are a strike team, no plan B. Get in & shoot everyone in front.

Who do you think are your closest competition and what are you doing to keep them behind you?
Civic are always very fast, I rely a lot on our effective pit work. We got very good pit crews & very good functional team.

Quote for the race:
Alway seek & correct your own mistake.

Chew Koon Meng (second from right)

The youngest but the most experienced in the team running car #37, Koon Meng has been racing in a number of different series. He maintained and finished 3rd in the season in the Malaysian Super Series Supercompact category in both 2006 and 2007. In 2008, he ventured into rallying in the Malaysian Rally Championship as a co-driver, his best finish there was fourth place. Koon Meng wasn't a part of the car #37's 2009 outing in the Sepang 1000km race, instead he managed to finish the race albeit in 13th place. Koon Meng has a lot to offer the team and will perhaps lead the charge for car #37, the following are his words:

You're probably the most experienced in your team, how are you helping your teammates?
Both my teammates is better than me. I would say they help me more I do in return. Seriously, they babysit me on my lines. I appreciate that a lot.

You have been a navigator in rallying as well, and now you're racing on circuits, is there a reason you chose not to go into rallying instead?
I just came back from MR10 Johor rally last month. Next, aiming for perlis rally. My priority will be track racing. Less dirt :)

What's different this year than last year's S1K?
Driving a sedan instead of hatch, less power but better handling this time.

Who do you think is the fastest among the three drivers in your team?
It's ML of course. Every minute detail, he doesn't score a miss.

What's the battle plan to keep the competition behind?
Consistent, focus and team work

Quote for the race:
Teamwork will be our key to winning

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