100th Renault Sport Megane RS 250 Cup Takes Delivery


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Jul 26, 2010
Johor Bahru
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The Renault Megane might just be a small family hatchback for some, but it is a serious weapon on the right hands underneath. In 2011, the Megane RS 265 Trophy lapped the Nurburgring in just 8:07.97, leaving behind some bigger names like the Ferrari 360 Modena (8:09.00) and the Porsche Cayman S (8:11.00). And with this great package of power and handling onboard, TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole distributor of the Renault range in Malaysia had reached a commemorative milestone as they handed the keys of the 100<sup>th</sup> Megane RS 250 Cup to the proud owner at their Petaling Jaya showroom.

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With this, Malaysia had put themselves among the top three in the sales of the Megane RS in Asia &amp; Oceania, coming behind Japan and Australia. This special occasion was also marked by a special gift by ORIS; an ORIS TT1 Day Date timepiece and two private driver training sessions by Kegani Racing to the new Megane owner, Mr. Barani* Shanmugam.

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“I researched and test drove many performance cars in this segment and nothing came close to the balance of handling and performance of the Megane RS 250. On top of that, the car is great value for money given the high levels of equipment on the car – the RS Monitor, the Brembo Brakes, the Recaro Seats, the Mechanical LSD, Cup Chassis - no other competitor offers all of this in this price range. Also I read a lot of auto magazines and YouTube videos comparing the Megane RS with other performance cars in its segment and the Megane beat them all. There is nothing anyone can criticize about the car. It’s just that good!”, said Mr. Barani on his choice for the Megane RS250 Cup.

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The choice made by Mr. Barani was none other than being wise as it was not only in the Nurburgring that the Megane proved its worthiness. With a lap time of 2:43.02 around the 5.543km Sepang International Circuit, the Megane RS250 Cup holds the record for a showroom stock standard car running on road-going tires, an official record that no manufacturer had yet to beat.

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