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  1. Toyota Vios n/a modification

    Hi guys, new member here, as a rookie to modification world, wanna ask is that any way to upgrade your car performance without turbo or supercharger modifications? (cuz the maintaince and cost too much lol) Besides, one of my friend recommd me to change the 1.8 throttle body, but there are...

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I hereby declare a boikot on all X1-R product..


Recently, i buy a set of X1-R engine treatment with octane booster..

The engine treatment has no effect on my engine.. it's ok.. coz most products 'indah khabar dari rupa'.. they don't do exactly what they say.. so, cincai2 takper la..

Then i use the octane booster.. it's suppose to 'increase' the RON of the petrol.. BUT it seems to 'decrease' it..

My engine use to idle at 1000rpm, after the octane booster it decrease to...
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