1. Stormtrooper Pen Pencil Stationary Holder

    This is the pencil holder we're looking for! Low Poly Stormtrooper Pen/Pencil Stationary Holder! A great addition for your desk. Size WxHxD cm : 9 x 8.5 x 9 May the force be with you! Notes: Due to the difference between different monitors and screens, please note that the picture may not...

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Hi everyone. 2 weeks ago, I was hanging around my mechanic's place doing nothing better than sleeping, gossiping and talking CXCK and laughing laudly... Realizing my mechanic was busy dismentalling a CAMPRO 1.6 engine to overhaul, I decided to get my hands dirty and help him up...

As we were busy dismentalling the engine, we chat about CAMPRO 1.6 BOT failure on Crank and we realizeD BOT DOES NOT FAIL THE CAMPRO CRANK, BOT ONLY ACCELERATE THE FAILING PROCESS OF THE CRANK....
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