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  1. Oxygen voltage high

    Hi All, Can i have a solution to my satria neo cps which have problem with the oxygen sensor shows voltage high on diagnostic test. I already reset my ecu. But the problem is repeating I just installed 421 extractor where the oxygen sensor is placed below of car not at top. I use works drop...

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I despise big SUVs, I have mentioned that countless times before so I’m not going to go down that road, I just wanted to introduce this behemoth SUV, the Alton F650 XUV.

Apparently, the thing is so huge, it dwarfs a Hummer H1 !! Getting in for a normal sized person could be a daunting task, just look at how a person sizes up to it in the picture. The Ford F650 truck based mammoth is powered by a straight six, 7.2...
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